Vision Statement

Safe healthcare for all.

Mission Statement

SHEA’s mission is to promote the prevention of healthcare-associated infections and antibiotic resistance and to advance the fields of healthcare epidemiology and antibiotic stewardship.

More About SHEA

SHEA has helped define best practices in healthcare epidemiology worldwide since its founding in 1980.

The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA)is a professional society that improves public health by establishing infection prevention measures and supporting antibiotic stewardship among healthcare providers. We do this by educating the next generation,  leading research studies, translating research into clinical practice, developing smart policy, promoting antibiotic stewardship, and advancing and educating the field of healthcare epidemiology. We are researchers and we are practitioners. We implement standards and improve outcomes. Together, we are all advocates for building a safer, healthier future for all.

SHEA represents physicians and other healthcare professionals around the world with expertise and passion in healthcare epidemiology, infection prevention, and antimicrobial stewardship. 

SHEA’s expertise is sought by healthcare regulatory and accrediting agencies and its scientific voice guides decision-making bodies in developing rational, effective, and cost-conscious public policies.

SHEA as an organization

  • Advances the science of healthcare epidemiology through research and education.
  • Translates knowledge into effective policy and practice.
  • Mentors, trains and promotes professional development in healthcare epidemiology.
  • Collaborates and shares expertise with other organizations.
  • Adheres to high ethical standards and promotes honesty and ethical principles in the practice of epidemiology.

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