For healthcare epidemiologists, infection preventionists, and other medical professionals responding to COVID-19.
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US Agencies’ Healthcare Response Landing Pages

  • CDC  - Official US guidance and recommendations for healthcare personnel responding to COVID-19
  • WHO - International recommendations for healthcare personnel responding to COVID-19
  • FDA - Diagnostics and vaccine research for developers and labs; PPE Emergency Use Authorization (EUA); guidance for industry, FDA staff; fraudulent products
  • NIH - Clinical trials, information for labs, diagnostics FAQ, biosafety
  • CMS - Waivers, billing and coding, coverage, facilities and labs, PACE organizations, CHIP
  • ASPR - Incident management, ASPR TRACIE, Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA)
  • FEMA - Emergency circumstances, protective measures, rumor control, FAQs for public and communities
  • HHS - Grants, contracts, laws, regulations

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