SHEA fosters opportunities to conduct, sponsor, and promote high-quality research through the leadership of the SHEA Research Committee and the collaborative infrastructure provided by the SHEA Research Network (SRN). As a community of researchers, the committee and SRN work to highlight priority topics and address challenges in the elimination of HAIs.

For a summary of studies conducted through the SHEA Research Network, click SRN Studies and Resources.

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SHEA Research Network

The SHEA Research Network (SRN) is a consortium of over 100 hospitals collaborating on multi-center research projects of interest to the SHEA membership to identify important gaps in the healthcare epidemiology science base and address them by contributing data and expertise. The SRN is competitive in obtaining federal funding from agencies including CDC, AHRQ, and NIH. All hospitals with a dedicated site PI are able to join the SRN and participate in future projects. Project approval is determined by the SRN Application Review Committee.

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